~The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard~

The Story Of Stuff was not at all what I expected. I was hoping for a book that the everyday reader would understand.This book had some interesting concepts but reminded me too much of a textbook. As I do with most textbooks, I skim and not deep read. Being a teacher I had taken several courses on ecology and the environmental impact of man. I found nothing new in this book but updated statistics.

I would recommend it for use as a college or high school text. Annie Leornard's approach isn't as dry as the typical textbook.
What I found interesting about Ms. Leonard was her thoughts on books vs. electronic reading devices. I don't agree with her on this point.Sure the readers are another electronic device, but think of all the trees being saved. Most people, including me, keep the same ereader device for years. When a new version is released, the old one is passed on to other family members. Each device holds thousands of books. Yeah, there are book swaps and such, but isn't her book adding to the pile of "stuff?" I am guessing her book will not be available electronically! This book was given to me by Free Press Blog Tours.

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